“White Cat Dishwashing Liquid’s Attack”Take the power of the Alibaba.com to make China brand proud!

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“White Cat Dishwashing Liquid’s Attack”

Take the power of the Alibaba.com to make China brand proud!

The 70-year-old "White Cat" has been the "cleaning memory" for several generations

The national entrepreneur, Mr. Zhao Chunyong may not have thought that the brand “Yongxing” he founded during the War of Resistance Against Japan, after the risk of several bankruptcies and having maintained it with great difficulty, would later become a cute white cat, active in the memory of several generations of people.

Since 1959, from the GongNong synthetic laundry powder detergent, predecessor of White Cat (Shanghai Yongxing Soap Factory, trial-produced China’s first package of synthetic laundry powder detergent), the White Cat brand created China’s synthetic detergents industry and at the same time started the research and development of synthetic detergent products, technology and equipment, creating countless "firsts". China’s first batch of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent was launched in 1983; China’s first bottle of dishwashing liquid was launched in 1985; China’s first bottle of laundry detergent was launched in 1989… A lot of credits have made White Cat worthy of the name "Chinese Well-known Brand", occupying the “cleaning memory” of several generations.

Not stopping at the previous credits, the White Cat Group has applied, since the 1990s, domestic and international advanced management concepts, it has devoted itself to the development of state-owned enterprises and well-known state-owned brands, letting the company always maintaining a rapid development. It won the "China Well-known Brand” in 1999, the title of "China Long-standing Enterprise" in 2009, it became a project sponsor of the cleaning and detergent industry of the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, and it was awarded the Top100 enterprise in the public satisfaction survey of China's self-owned brands in 2018, the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up.

White Cat has a solid and strong R&D strength: it has more than 30 R&D engineers, 22 patents, it is a Shanghai new and high-tech enterprise, a nationally recognized technology center, it has a complete supply chain system, 3 self-owned production plants, more than 10 OEM factories, 35 distribution centers, production and supply network covering all of China.

Currently, the domestic annual sales of White Cat are about 2 - 3 billion yuan, and the main cleaning category, such as dishwashing detergent, laundry powder, etc. has a market share of 15-16%. It ranks among the best in China’s dishwashing liquid market.

Such a long-established enterprise with a "national halo" will now join hands with Alibaba to open a new brand journey to the sea. White Cat’s grand dream of "becoming a part of China's business card" is about to move forwards!

Good wine also needs bush

Before the overall strategic cooperation, White Cat had a 6-year-old store on Alibaba, but because the company only had a part-time person in charge of the traditional export trade, the site inquiries could not be received in time and online orders were transferred to the offline processing mode, which also made the transaction links and cycles even more lengthy.

At the beginning of this year, the epidemic suddenly spread and anti-epidemic and disinfectant products, such as liquid hand soap, entered the “Blue Ocean”. During this period, White Cat received an order for hand sanitizer products from the United Kingdom on the international website. However, the explosive properties of the gel (containing 75% alcohol) made White Cat, who had no previous export experience of such products, spend a lot of time to learn and complete various special certification procedures.

Despite having a potential range of products during the epidemic period, White Cat missed the hard-won trade opportunity due to limited manpower and insufficient ability to operate the international platform. After this "epidemic", White Cat's decision-makers gradually realized the importance of accelerating overseas online arrangements.

This year, White Cat was also surprised and excited by an OEM customized million-worth order from a Peruvian buyer on the international website. Brands with a long history can always leave traces in people's long memories. This buyer from Peru, who learned of White Cat’s high-quality reputation in the Chinese market among the local Chinese, spontaneously searched for White Cat-related keywords on the international website, then entered the White Cat’s international online shop and silently placed an order. This unsolicited business made White Cat determined to join Alibaba, to seize the new opportunity of "brand going out to sea" and jointly build the international influence of Chinese brands.

Become the international website GSKA, and jointly build the international influence of Chinese brands

Speaking of the original intention of upgrading to GSKA, Yu Cong, Senior Marketing Manager of White Cat, said to us: “First of all, Alibaba is backed by the entire Alibaba digital ecosystem. We have no doubts about Alibaba's ability to help enterprises. Affected by the epidemic this year, many offline trades abroad have been suspended, but we have seen that, through international websites, B2B online trades have become more and more prosperous. There are also plentiful settings, such as online live broadcasts, digital exhibitions, and holiday sales. The overall growth data is very beautiful, which makes us very excited.

Secondly, in the past, we were quite worried about the many and complicated procedures in all the aspects of export trade, and we didn't know how much manpower we would need to do it well. However, the international website can provide us with a complete digital solution for overseas e-commerce, we only need to focus on the core production and service links, which relieves us a lot of pressure.

Thirdly, by joining GSKA, White Cat will have the opportunity to occupy the core traffic of the website first, which also forecast the formal digital integration of White Cat with international buyers. We believe that what GSKA brings is not only inquiries and site traffic, but also an important step in the establishment of international brands. Using the products and services of the Alibaba platform, accelerating the online layout of the global market, establishing a digital marketing, and continuing to enhance the international influence of the White Cat Group: all these elements helped us to quickly make the decision to become a GSKA international website.”

In less than a month, White Cat decided to invest millions to join the international website and become a GSKA trader.

"Arrange troops" on the international website

Multi-platform layout in the construction site

In order to let the plan to expand into overseas markets proceed smoothly, White Cat re-arranged their troops on the international website.

The White Cat brand will develop the store that has already existed for 6 years as the brand's benchmark flagship store, including the brand's promotion and the display of all categories of products. In addition, 4 more sub-stores will be opened.

To fit with the customization of the platform and RTS, combined with the understanding of the characteristics of its own main push category, White Cat has deployed its own operating strategy. Each category of products will be divided. For example, one store will focus on customization, mainly engaged in laundry detergent and other products, and the other store will focus on RTS mode, mainly engaged in baby-related products. Based on this, combining the rules of the platform and the characteristics of the categories of products, it is to establish well the positioning and the main direction of each store. In the future, people will be marveled at the closely united to the international site’s White Cat.

Occupy the minds of overseas consumers

"How to open up the brand overseas visibility?" is the first question to consider.

When it comes to cleaning products, everyone will first think of international brands, such as Omo, Tide, etc. In fact, domestic brands can also give consumers a good experience. Under the advantage of China's production costs, similar products and domestic products can even be more favorable and also contain world-leading patents. Prior to this, White Cat had been focusing on the domestic market, and therefore lacked the opportunity to promote overseas brands.

"The battlefield is in the minds of consumers". It just happens that the international website has made great efforts to spread brands overseas. For example, using Google, Facebook and other overseas media channels to place a large number of advertisements. This way domestic brands have a good international exposure, attract more foreign consumers, and then promote transactions on the international website, so that the concept of "good domestic products" is rooted in the minds of overseas consumers. For White Cat who do not have direct access to overseas consumers, doing a good job on the international website can bring good exposure and publicity to the brand.

The combination of product and sales is what White Cat values. This is also what the international website is good at. For White Cat, the ability to expose the brand on the international website and realize authentic transactions through it is killing two birds with one stone.

Be part of China's business card

Nowadays, White Cat, who has joined the international website, is intensively planning various matters, such as websites operations and the development of qualified personnel. White Cat believes that after two to three years of hard work, they will become the leading business in the cleaning category of the international website, reaching sales of tens of millions US dollars. In the future, White Cat hopes to improve export efficiency and complete more overseas orders by establishing an in-depth cooperation with the international website.

"From Made in China to Created in China" is the dream of many domestic brands. To allow more affordable, high-quality, cost-effective Chinese "created" products to enter the broader international market, White Cat will join hands with the international website to "put out to sea domestic products" and work together for the improvement of China's soft power!